Causes of Melanoma Cancer

The causes of melanoma cancer can be varied and so it makes the identification of the condition quite difficult. A person may always be having a particular kind of skin, but may suddenly develop some kind of abnormal growth and should immediately suspect the presence of melanoma skin cancer. So what is melanoma skin cancer that causes so much of distress to those who are affected by this malignant melanoma cancer? The answer is not as simple because of the many causes of melanoma cancer.The most important factor that is one of the main causes of melanoma cancer is the fall of sunlight on the person. Though all people who have the sunlight falling on them do not get melanoma skin cancer, the duration of the exposure to the sun’s rays and the severity of the exposure play a major role in the occurrence of malignant melanoma cancer.

The presence of dysplastic moles on the body is also one of the causes of melanoma cancer. Though there may be many dysplastic moles on some people, they may not have any symptoms of melanoma cancer, but there are few, who are at a great risk because of the presence of the dysplastic moles on their body.

The color of the skin may also be one of the risk factors and people who have fair skin which has a risk of burning easily can be affected by melanoma cancer. This makes fair skin to be one of the causes of melanoma cancer. The reason for this could be because of the fact that when a person has skin that is fair, the sun damages the skin quicker than it damages the darker skin.

A person who has had melanoma skin cancer before could suffer from another bout of the disease and so the previous history of the disease could be one of the causes of melanoma cancer. Other than this, the family history where one of the close relatives has suffered from melanoma can also be one of the causes of melanoma cancer.

A person who is suffering from immune system that is weakened due to the presence of one of the other diseases can also be affected by melanoma cancer. There are certain disease like AIDS that is caused by the human immuno deficiency virus, which reduces the immunity of the body and so can be one of the causes of melanoma cancer. There are also certain other situations like the transplantation of an organ that can compromise the immune system that can be one of the major causes of melanoma cancer.

Though there are many causes of melanoma cancer, the rays of the Sun can cause the major part of the damage. The reason for this to occur is the ultra violet rays that are emitted from the Sun. The rays damage the skin and can be the most important one of the causes of melanoma cancer.

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