Causes of Lymphoma Cancer

There are various causes of lymphoma cancer and the causes of lymphoma cancer are directly related to the lymphoma cancer symptoms that are exhibited by the person suffering from the disease. There are also different types of lymphoma cancer and you should know the symptoms as they can also shed light on the causes of lymphoma cancer. The person who is suffering from various kinds of immune compromised diseases are those who are at a greater risk of being affected by this disease.

One of the common causes of lymphoma cancer is the abnormal growth of the lymphoid tissue cells in the body. One should realize that the lymphatic system is one that actually transports the lymphatic fluid from one part of the body to another and when the tissues related to this system have abnormal growth that cannot be controlled by the body, then it can be considered to be one of the major causes of Lymphoma cancer.

Mutation of the genes in the body can also be one of the causes of Lymphoma cancer. The genes in the body do not mutate under normal condition, but they can do so when the immune system of the person is not functioning properly. This makes the immune compromised status of the individual to be another of the causes of Lymphoma cancer.

There are many conditions where the person may be affected where the immune system is compromised. In these situations, the lymphoma cancer can occur. The diseases that can cause the immune compromised status are human immuno deficiency virus infection that can cause AIDS. There are many other viruses like the Epstein Barr virus that has also been associated with the Lymphoma cancer.

As mentioned earlier, the gene mutation can be one of the causes of Lymphoma cancer. In these cases, the mutation of the gene can occur because of family history of breaking up of the genes in the person. This makes one to understand that family history plays a major role in the occurrence of Lymphoma cancer and so the history of family members suffering from this disease can be one of the many causes of Lymphoma cancer.

There are also some other major causes of Lymphoma cancer. The one that commonly comes to mind when one thinks of the question what is Lymphoma cancer and the causes related to it, is the free radicals that form in the human body because of the presence of carcinogens in the body. There are times when the cancer causing substances are consumed as part of the food. These carcinogens can help in the formation of free radicals that cause damage to the cells of the body and can be one of the main causes of Lymphoma cancer.

Any person who is suffering from some kind of virus infection may develop Lymphoma cancer symptoms. The viral infection because of any kind of virus that wreaks havoc with the immune system can be considered to be the primary causes of Lymphoma cancer.

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