Causes of lung cancer

Your lungs form a very important part of your body and if they are damaged then breathing becomes difficult. There are various causes of lung cancer and you might like to know what is lung cancer and what are the causes of lung cancer. The most leading causes of Lung cancer is smoking.  Almost 90% of the people who suffer from this kind of cancer are smokers and the high correlation has made the governments across the world to start health advocacy on the need to stop smoking.

Many people think that cigarette smoking is the only cause of lung cancer, but in reality, the causes of lung cancer is not limited to the cigarette smoke, but the smoke from pipes and cigars are also the leading causes of lung cancer.

Other than active smoking, one of the major causes of lung cancer is the passive smoking. This occurs when a person does not actually smoke, but stays or lives in the vicinity of the person who smokes. Family members and colleagues of the people who smoke are all passive smokers, if they inhale the smoke and have a high risk of getting lung cancer.

If you would like to get beyond the smoking for learning about the causes of lung cancer, then asbestos dust is one of the main causes of lung cancer. A person who is exposed to the dust from asbestos in industries where the asbestos is made or in places where this sheet is used, are all prone to get lung cancer. In fact if a person is not only a smoker but is exposed to asbestos, then the risk of being affected by lung cancer increases greatly.

Radon gas is one of the other causes of lung cancer. This gas occurs in the environment when the Uranium is used up. The Uranium is used in many military installations for the use in nuclear weapons.

People who are having one of their family members being affected by lung cancer will also be at a high risk for being affected by lung cancer. This is called as familial predisposition and this can be one of the major causes of lung cancer.

Lung disorders: Many people who have been suffering from various forms of lung disorders like chronic pulmonary disorders are also having a high risk of being affected by cancer because these lung diseases can cause damage to the lung tissues and make them to function abnormally which can be one of the causes of lung cancer.

Air pollution is also one of the causes of lung cancer. A person who is living in an area where there is a lot of pollution can be affected with cancer. The pollution because of different kinds of gases can lead to difficulty in breathing and also inhalation of these dangerous gases and this can, in turn, lead to lung cancer.

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