Cause of Gastrointestinal Cancer

The cause of gastrointestinal cancer, unlike some of the other cancers, is not related to a single part of the body or system. The gastrointestinal cancer or the gastrointestinal stomal cancer as it is also known occurs when the cancer occurs anywhere from the esophagus to the rectum and includes cancer of the stomach, gallbladder, gastrointestinal system, liver, pancreas, colon and the anus.

For anyone who wonders as to what is gastrointestinal cancer and what is the cause of gastrointestinal cancer, here is the answer. There are actually many causes for the gastrointestinal cancer and the specific cause actually depends on the part of the body that is affected by cancer.

The most common cause of the gastrointestinal cancer is smoking. The smoke from the cigarette or other substances enters the body and causes permanent changes to the tissues that are present inside the body. The mutation and the destruction caused by the nicotine and the smoke itself can cause further damage to the body.

Other than the smoking, very high alcohol consumption is what causes gastrointestinal cancer. The reason for this is that when a person consumes alcohol in moderation, it can be beneficial, but when the person consumes a lot of alcohol, it causes a lot of toxicity to the body. The body recognizes the alcohol that is inside the body to be poison and creates immune response against the toxicity that damages the cells and leads to gastrointestinal cancer.

As like in many of the other cancers, the increasing age of the person is another major reason for gastrointestinal cancer symptoms to appear, when one thinks of what causes gastrointestinal cancer. Though the age of the person cannot be controlled, one can try to act against the detrimental effects of age in causing cancer.

The diet that is consumed by you is another factor when you think of what causes gastrointestinal cancer. If you consume a diet that is rich in animal fat, then it can lead a lot of fat stored in the body that can start causing damage to your body.

When one thinks of what causes gastrointestinal cancer, the other common factor that has been identified, as a cause is the presence of high salt in the food that has been poorly preserved.

One of the other important reasons for gastrointestinal cancer is the obesity that can occur. Though it is very difficult to control this condition, it has affected many people because of the lack of exercise and improper diet, but along with these, the obesity can also cause gastrointestinal cancer.

These are the various causes that have been found to be the reason behind the occurrence of gastrointestinal cancer, when one thinks of the reason behind what causes gastrointestinal cancer.

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