Causes of Head and Neck Cancer?

These biologically similar cancers that start from upper aero digestive tract. These include the lips, mouth, nasal cavity, pharynx and larynx. Most of these cancers are squamous cell carcinomas. Head and neck cancers mostly spread to the neck first before spreading to the lymph nodes. These include oral cavity cancers (the inner lip, taung and floor of the mouth), nasopharynx cancers, oropharynx cancer, hypopharynx cancer and voice box cancer.

Risk factors are thought to be the main causes of head and neck cancers:

Alcohol and tobacco use. Chewing of tobacco is particularly suspected to be the main cause. This is more so in oral cavity cancers. The risk of damage to inner lip, toung and floor of the mouth is high, which may lead to cell mutations or to other diseases which if left untreated, may lead to oral cavity cancer.

Drug use (marijuana). This is dangerous to the nasopharynx and the lungs as well. The heavy chemicals in marijuana can cause damage to the lining cells leading to cell carcinoma.

Exposure to textile fibre.: This is common among textile factory workers, especially those without protective gear as inhaling such fibre may eventually lead to blockage of air waves  leading to insufficient supply of oxygen in the body. This can have devastating effects including damage to cells and eventually to cancer.

Woodworking: Woodworking without any protective gear is also dangerous as wood dust not only contain fibre but different chemicals that may alter the proper functioning of a particular organ, leading to tumours forming.

Excessive eating of red meat is believed to be a cause of a number of health problems including head and neck cancers. Heredity: This may be due to the fact that a particular DNA having been destroyed, the down line offspring inherits the trait.

Over exposure to UV rays, especially of the sun, leading to damage to the cells of the skin, which may form lesions and eventually cancer.

Diet: Lack of essential vitamins and nutrients may lead to mutations in the skin cells.

Air Pollution.:Inhaling poisonous chemicals (especially those living near factories) can be dangerous as the chemicals can lead to different types of cancers including head and neck cancers. Here you can also see what is head and neck cancer.

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