Causes of Eye Cancer?

It is believed that genetics plays a big role in the occurrence of eye cancer. However, there may be a difference as is in the case of retinoblastoma. This type of eye cancer infects only one eye. It is believed that if only one eye is infected, it is not hereditary. This is in contrast to, if both eyes are infected when it is believed to be hereditary.

The cause of intraocular (inside the eye) melanoma is unknown though genetics is thought to have a role. Age also plays a role as most of those with eye cancer are aged.

Apart from heredity, a number of risk factors are believed to cause eye cancer:

Sunlight. Over exposure to sunlight increases the risk of contracting eye cancer, particularly eye melanoma. Over exposure is particularly dangerous in early years of life. This is common in the tropics where sunlight is strong.

UV radiation: This is common with the welders, especially those who do their work with naked eyes, greatly increasing their risk of contracting eye melanoma. HIV infection: HIV reduces the immune system, and apart from the risk of infection of other diseases, eye squamous cell carcinoma has been noted to be common. Immune system drug suppressants: These are drugs that are taken for other ailments but end up suppressing the immune system. Good examples are those drugs taken by organ transplant patients to stop their immune systems from rejecting the new organ. Such drugs increase the risk of contracting eye squamous cell carcinoma.

Bacteria: This bacteria is caught from infected birds and other domestic animals. In normal circumstances, it causes lung infections but at times causes eye inflammation, which if not treated, may lead to eye lymphoma. Moles are brown-pigmented parts of the skin. Some are flat while others are raised and at times hairs grow from them. It has been noted that occasionally malignancy occurs within them.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV): In combination with other factors, HPV may cause squamous cell carcinoma, as it causes the same in other parts of the body. HPV is common but not every one with it develops eye cancer, so other factors are thought to be involved in combination. Here you can also what is eye cancer.

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