Causes Of Endocrine Cancer?

What is  endocrine cancer? The Cancer that is caused in the Endocrine system, and is responsible for the release of hormones is known as the endocrine cancer. The Endocrine system includes pituitary gland, pancreas, ovaries, testis, thyroid gland and adrenal glands. These all result in the growth and development, digestion, blood circulation, reproduction and sexual functions. The infection of the cancer spreads from many organs of the human body making the researches stable about the cause of the endocrine cancer. The main organs that are affected by the cancer are stomach, kidneys, reproductive system, Immune system, thyroid glands.

One of the most important risk factor is Exposure to radiation, when Skin is exposed to UV rays the radiation will increase the chance of having endocrine cancer.  Due to HIV in the body, the body becomes weak by the failure of plasma cells and our body exposes to infections which increase the chance of having endocrine cancer.  Family heredity can be a cause of Endocrine cancer itself: Endocrine cancer can occur with the family members being infected earlier and this links up with family and becomes hereditary. Infection of cancer in the past makes a person who is suffering with other cancer diseases have more risk factors in causing endocrine cancer. There can be one or several factors causing Endocrine cancer, and such causes can be identified with diagnosis of the cancer.

With each and every cause the endocrine cancer is of many types and each one has its own causes. Thyroid cancer which is formed with the swelling in the neck part infecting the voice strings, Carcinoid lung tumor, pancreatic cancer, will be found when the release of the juices from pancreas to liver will not be release regularly and with this the cancer is formed in the pancreas. At present many doctors are conducting researches and causes of the Endocrine cancer in the cells cannot be revealed. The person who is more immune is exposed to these cancers and the other who is not immune is not exposed. No doctor, scientist or the researcher can predict which type of cancer it is in the earlier stages as this cancer in infects the hormonal glands in the Endocrine system.

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