Causes Of Colon Cancer?

What is  colon cancer? Colon is a part where the waste of the digested material is stored and is the part of the large intestine which is connected to the rectum and anus. Cells in the large intestine are infected and with the cancer cells and form polyps on colon and on the inner walls of the large intestine resulting in the formation of Colon Cancer and also called as the Colorectal Cancer or Rectum Cancer. Of all the risk factors Age the one which leads the causes for the Colon Cancer as after the age of 50 one in four has polyps formed in the intestine. Alcohol is the one of the vital factor for the cause of the colon infection.

Diabetes is a one cause of the colon cancer the insulin content in the blood gets reduced and intake of insulin is yields to the cancer of colon. Diet is the other major factor as the cholesterol and the high fat diet play a vital role. Hereditary or Genetic, with the family medical history report any one whose parents are affected with this cancer has more chances. Ethnicity, Race is the factors that prove that some of the people typical race and genes are more exposed to the colon cancer.

Polyps, generally known as the tumors or polyps in the intestine of a person or with in his family increases the risk factor of the colon cancer. With the chances of increasing the Body weight colon cancer occurs. Smoking is also the important risk factor that one has to concentrate to avoid the colon cancer. Ulcerative Colitis and chron’s disease are the two major diseases which result in the inflammatory bowel disease which is more immune to the colon cancer. No one till date is said to be infected with the causes that were said to be certain for the colorectal cancer and doctors are still working on this to find the exact causes of the colon cancer.

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