Causes Of Cervical Cancer?

There is no particular reason why one woman develops cervical cancer and why not another. When the cancer is diagnosed, it’s natural to wonder what has caused the cancer. There is no particular risk factor based on which one can confirm that due to this particular risk factor the woman has developed the cancer. Some of the causes of cervical cancer are: HPV infection – HPV is very common cause of cervical cancer. It spreads from person to person by sexual contact. Every adult gets infected by this virus at one or the other time. However this virus gets cleared up all by itself.

Some types of this virus cause changes to the cervix cells. The transformation of the cervix cells can be stopped in the early stage of the cancer is diagnosed on time and of course the causes of the cervical cancer will be known and it would be easy to make a choice for the right treatment.  Before going for any treatment collect information on the type of cancer if you are suffering from cervical cancer the first thing you should know is that what exactly the cervical cancer is? Knowing your disease will help you get better treatment for it.

Weak immune system is another one cause of the cervical cancer– Possibility of getting the cervical cancer is more in those who are infected with HIV or those who have weak immune system. Smoking – women who have smoking habit and are infected with HPV are easy victims for cervical cancer. Women having multiple sexual partners or vice versa also have high chances of getting infected with HPV and developing cervical cancer.

Birth control pills usage for years together can also increase the chances of HPV infections and in turn cervical cancer. Usage of such pills can cause a serous form of cervical cancer in women. Women who have given birth to multiple children also have high chances of HPV infection and cervical cancer and they can be infected by the cancer easily. Daughters of women who might have taken DES (diethylstilbestrol) drug when they were pregnant also have high chances of HPV and cervical cancer. A woman with HPV infection always need not get this disease. Early detection is always helpful in prevention of this cancer. Here you can also see what is cervical cancer.

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