What is Primary and Secondary Liver Cancer?

The percentage of patients who are suffering from the cancer is increasing with the passage of time among these people the proportion of liver cancer is more in comparison of other types of cancer. There is generally two basic categories of liver cancer that is based upon the target point of cancerous cells; one is named as primary liver cancer while other is called secondary liver cancer.

HCC stands for HepatoCellular Carcinoma and it is the most common type primary liver cancer.  Medical history shows that the amount of people who are suffering from HCC is increasing day by day. It is also proved that in almost 4 cases of liver cancer the 3 are due to hepatocytes cancer. The growth of cancerous cells is varied in different cases like sometimes a small tumor grows in the liver and then becomes larger, as the time passes on  it spreads in the other body organ. While it may also happen that the more than one tumor is grow in the various region of liver, it is normally occur in the case of ongoing liver cancer that is known as Cirrhosis.

Hepatoblastoma is very rare kind of Primary liver cancer in which the tumors are begin to produce in the right lobe of liver. Usually Hepatoblastoma is found in the children. Some other forms of primary liver cancer are Cholangiocarcinomas , Lymphoma , Angiosarcoma and Hemangiosarcoma.

Metastatic is a secondary form of liver cancer .In the secondary form of liver cancer the target area _from where the growth of cancerous cells starts on some other organ or tissue not the liver but after some time period the cancer prevails in the liver organ. In case of secondary liver cancer if the patient is suffering from advanced breast cancer or colorectal cancer, or lung cancer, and  or many other cancers,  the condition of patient becomes more critical than the cancerous cells start targeting the liver.

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