What is Myeloma Cancer?

What is myeloma cancer? Myeloma cancer is a form of cancer in which the cancerous cells grow from the bone marrow cells or plasma cells. The bone marrow is found in the inner part of larger bones, this spongy tissue is quite helpful in the production of blood cells in human body. In case of multiple Myeloma the cancerous cells grow in different places like in spine, ribcage and pelvis.

The person who is suffering from Myeloma cancer is feeling acute pain in the bone, especially in pelvis, spine and ribcage; the pain become severe with the frequent movement of patient. Some other areas of human body are probably affected with the Myeloma cancerous cells but their affect in the bone is more unsympathetic.

The usual and common symptoms of Myeloma cancer that are observed in the patient are anemia, adverse infection and failure of kidney. As the formation and development of Myeloma cancerous cells is varied among various patients so this change is also observed in the symptoms of myeloma.

The diagnosis of Myeloma cancer include the complete examination of physical health of patient and take a record of medical history for the identification of  exact condition and stage of disease. An important thing in the diagnosis is the different laboratory tests such as urine test and blood tests. The indicators of Myeloma cancer ,that assist in the determination of  Myeloma cancer stage and condition ,are high and elevated level of paraprotien and calcium. When the physician has any doubt about the myeloma cancer then he move further with other type of physical examination and tests so that a clear sign of disease can be observed. CT scan (computed tomograpghy) and skeletal survey are two other helpful tests use in the complete diagnosis of Myeloma cancerous cells. There are a number of options that are applied for treatment of Myeloma cancer such as Steroids and chemotheraphy etc.

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