What is Melanoma Cancer?

What is Melanoma Cancer? Melanoma is very complicated and rare form of skin cancer. What is Melanoma cancer? , the answer to this question is very important for melanoma patient. Actually melanoma is a cancer in which the growth and reproduction ability of skin cells is start decreasing with the passage of time or in another words we can say that more growth of abnormal skin cells and production of tumors in the skin. The Melanoma cancer starts from the skin cells that are named as melanocytes.

There are two usual forms of Melanoma cancer depends upon the area where abnormal melonocytes cells grow and produce.  In first form of cancer; the skin tumor is not hazardous if it growth pattern is limited to a few layers of skin, in this case it is considered as benign Melanoma. But in second form of cancer; the tumors are start prevailing in other tissues and organs so it is considered as malignant or cancerous. The condition of patient, who is suffering from malignant Melanoma cancer, may become serious day by day as the cancerous cells increase in number and thus surround different tissues and organs along with skin; after sometime condition of melanoma cancer victim become so critical that no treatment is fruitful.

Melanoma cancer is among that forms of skin cancer which are regarded as metastasize. The word Metastasize means the abnormal cancerous cells will grow and reproduce and then spread to other parts of body not only in skin cells. According to dermatologist, in case when the Melanoma cancerous cells are invaded in vital organ such as brain, liver, kidney etc may lead to death of cancer patient. The survey report shows that the cure rate of Melanoma cancer is great in comparison with some other types of skin benign tumors. But there is an immense need to diagnose melanoma cancer’s exact condition and stage so that it becomes possible to give the cancer patient an accurate treatment.

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