What is Lung Cancer?

The uncontrollable growth and reproduction of cancerous cells in the lung of a person becomes a cause of lungs cancer. Naturally, the main objective of normal cells in the lung is to make a specified shape so that it is possible that the lungs can perform the desire function in the human body. In case of lung cancer; it may happen that the routine instruction may reach to a cell in a random manner that’s why that cell begins to reproduce other cells abnormally. The abnormal and wild growth lead to create tumors in the lung that remain unnoticeable for some time and during this time span cells multiply and given rise to other abnormal cells/ tumors . When the growth of lung cancerous cells becomes uncontrollable then normally the cancer patient came to know about his illness.
The lungs cancer is originating because of development of primary tumors that create secondary tumors and so on; this process continues until an immediate treatment of lungs cancer is made. The symptoms of lung cancer are not easy to notice for the victim of cancer as in the latter stage severe pain in the lungs and surrounding areas make the diagnosis and prognosis of lungs cancer determinable. Any how, one common symptom regarding cancer of lungs is the constant and persistent cough that is not due to cold situation.
The report of various survey indicate that one of the probable cause and symptom of lungs cancer is the chain smoking as the smoke is very dangerous for the lungs and normal breathing of a human being. However it is also important to note that all the chain smokers are not suffering from the lung cancer. The survey report shows that the rate of lungs cancer appearance in the women becomes nearly equivalent to that of rate of men. But the death rate of men is great in comparison of women’s death rate.

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