Causes Of Breast Cancer?

One of the rapid growing cancers at present in the world is the Breast cancer. Brest cancer is very common in the women so every woman should know that what the breast cancer is and what the best treatment is.

The major cause for the impact of Breast cancer is Age, Sex, Race, Life style, Hormonal causes, Genetic causes and Environmental cause. The biggest threat is with sex as breast cancer is caused mostly in women and with age the breast cancer can occur at any age as the age goes on increasing the chances of getting affected with this cancer increases. It been statically proved that woman at the age of 30 -50 has the probability of getting infected is one in hundred, after 50 the average of being infected with breast cancer has been increased  one women in 30. It means the age factor is very important and can be one of the main causes of the breast cancer. Race factor is another main cause of the breast cancer; white women are more affected with this sort of cancer when compared to the dark women.

It’s been proven that the women infected with the breast cancer in the past have more chances of getting infected again in future.  In the same way mothers and fathers who are infected with the breast cancer can pass on this infection at certain age to their children as an impact of Genetic Cause.  Breast cancer is often seen in women who give birth to the children after the age period 30 and also in the women who pass through the early menstrual period and delay in the menopause as a Hormonal cause. Here you can also see what is breast cancer.

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