Causes Of Brain Tumor?

No scientists and researchers have come to know about the exact causes of why brain tumor occurs. The doctors often are able to explain that why the brain tumor has developed. Though, it is obvious that brain tumors are not transferable and contagious. No other person can catch the disease from the brain tumor patients.

The researchers have come up with some of the risk factors which are more likely to develop and cause brain tumor. The risk factors increase the individual’s chances of developing the diseases.

Some of the high risk factors which are associated to the development of brain tumor are as follows;

Being male: Generally, brain tumors are more and more common in males rather than in females. Though, females have more chances of developing meningiomas.

Age: Mostly, the brain tumor is diagnosed in people who are over the age of 60years or older. Never the less, the brain tumor is the second most common cancer diagnosed in children. Brain tumors are most common in children younger than 8 years of age as compared to older children.

Race: Brain tumors are mostly likely to occur among white people rather than people from some other races.

The Family History: People with such family members who have the problem of glioma’s are more likely to develop this disease.

People who are being exposed to the nuclear and radiation department or certain chemicals at work have more risk and likelihood of developing a brain tumor.

The scientists and researchers are still investigating over that whether the use of cell phones may cause brain tumor or not. Studies done till now do not disclose any validity to this research that people who use cell phones have a high risk of getting brain tumor.

Head injuries are also considered to be a vital component associated with a brain tumor.  Here you can also see what is brain cancer.

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