Causes Of Anal Cancer?

The exact and accurate causes of the anal cancer are still not known, but mostly the anal cancers are linked to the infections with the HPV; the human papilloma virus( it is found as one of the majors cause of anal cancer). The HPV infection seems to play a crucial role in the growth and development of the anal cancer, however, not every person suffering from the HPV infection do not always get the anal cancer.  Do get to know what the anal cancer is before you read causes.

Most of researchers and scientists are now underway to understand and in progress to figure out how the HPV may lead to the anal cancer. The HPV causes various squamous cell carcinomas and encourages the growth of anal cancer. . The researchers have found more than hundred kinds of HPV found till now.

If the HPV makes the protein cells like E7 and E6 that can shut down, the critical and complicated tumor suppressor proteins in the normal cells. When these cells are not active, these cells become cancerous.

When the body is not able to fight off the infections and viruses like HPV, they may become more involved, dynamic and trigger the development and growth of anal cancer thus cause anal cancer.

The HIV, virus that causes AIDS, makes the human body’s immune system weak and vulnerable, and can medication used to prevent the rejection in patients with liver, heart, kidneys and other organ transplants.

Mostly people think that smoking just leads to heart problems and lung cancer, but extremely few of them realize that the cancer causing chemicals present in the tobacco smoke may move from lungs to the rest of the body parts. Many studies have figured out an increased rate of anal cancer in smokers, and the impact of smoking is particularly notable in individuals possessing the other risk factors leading to anal cancer.

It is most critical to remember that some of patients with the anal cancers do not have any identified or known risk factors are not always developing the disease. Here you can also see what is anal cancer.

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