What is Soft Tissue Sarcomas?

Soft tissue sarcomas are a type of malignant disease affecting fat or any supporting tissues of the body. They can occur anywhere within the human body although the most common place to find them is around the limbs. They are not very common with less than one out of every hundred cancers reported being classified as soft tissue sarcomas.

Despite the rarity of this type of cancer sarcomas could develop into something life threatening as the cancer can spread to other areas of the body such as the lungs. Once the sarcoma is diagnosed via a CT or an MRI scan followed by a biopsy, the type must be assessed then treated.

The treatment for sarcoma consists of either a surgical procedure in which the sarcoma and some surrounding healthy tissue is removed from the patient or radiation therapy to shrink the cancer down to more manageable size. Chemotherapy may also be used in combination with radiation therapy in order to kill more of the cancerous cells.

Like many cancers the causes behind sarcomas are unknown, however some people are more prone to having them such as those who have a genetic disorder such as Gardner syndrome. It is also possible to develop sarcomas after a previous radiation therapy treatment although that is extremely rare. The important factor to consider when you believe that you have a sarcoma is that as it is within the supporting tissues it does not grow very fast and that also contributes to it being one of the lesser lights of the cancer world.

Like most cancers the first symptom is a painless lump or swelling. Despite the rarity of the cancer it can still be deadly if it is left untreated so even if a lump appears to be benign it is advisable to see a doctor to check.

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