What is Pancreatic Cancer?

Pancreas is the gland that is responsible for the release of the juices that help in for the digestion of the food and which overall controls the sugar levels in the blood. The cancer that infects the pancreas is called as the pancreatic cancer.

It is very hard to recognize the pancreatic cancer in the initial stage, when the cancer is found it very vague and becomes threat to life. Pancreatic cancer infects the pancreas and then from there it spreads through the lymphatic system which is responsible for developing the cells that fight the infection in the body. From the Lymph system the cancer cells spread to Liver, Lungs, Bones and other parts of the body.

The main cause of the pancreatic cancer can be with the tobacco, alcohol, person suffering with long term diabetes and the changes in the body metabolism caused by the hereditary disorders. With the effect of the cancer cells in the pancreas the connectivity from pancreas to the liver will get blocked and the bile juices cannot enter the blood and this will show the symptoms as eyes and the skin turns to yellow and the urine get darker and darker day by day. With the growth of the infection the pain in the lower abdomen increases after having diet or when going to bed. For time being the pancreatic cancer can result to weight loss, regular weakness and nausea.

As the pancreas is the hidden gland in the human body structure doctors feel it difficult while performing the test that relate to the pancreatic cancer. Other than the physical examination the doctors can suggest for the blood, urine and stool test. Based on the reports doctors can suggest for the Angiogram, CT scan, and Ultrasound scan of the abdomen. The treatment methods for this type of cancer are the Radiation therapy, chemo therapy and also by removing the entire pancreas or a portion of pancreas with the help of surgery.

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