What is Liver Cancer?

Liver cancer is a primary cancer that is generally originated in the tissues of liver. Primary liver cancer is totally opposite to liver metasis or secondary form of cancer in which the cancer is started from some organ and tissue of body and after wards the cancer is spread to liver. Thus liver is affected by both types of cancer like primary and secondary forms.

Liver is an organ that is a composite of various cells and two distinct lobes i.e. the right lobe and the left lobe. It is largest as compared to other organ of the body due to which there are number of tumors that become a probable cause of liver cancer. Some tumors are cancerous while other are non cancerous. Malignant are the cancerous tumors while on the other hand benign are non cancerous tumors.

Liver cancer is of different types depending upon the different tumors due to which the cancer is spread in the organ of human body. Usually the liver cancer starts from the hepato and then prevails in the other cells or tissue of liver. When the tumors grow on or in the hepato is termed as malignant hepatic tumors, this cancer shows the presence of tumors or cancerous cells in the organ.

There is wide variety of tests that are helpful in the exact diagnosis of liver cancer such as medical imaging is quite useful for identification of liver tumors that may spread to whole organ and then leads to terrific problem for patient. It is necessary to diagnose the liver cancer in the early stage of liver cancer because the more time involved in the diagnosis process will enhance the problem. When the cancerous cells grow in the liver directly then it is easier to get the clear idea of cancer stage.

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