What is Larynx Cancer?

Larynx is the organ that is responsible for breathing, talking and swallowing and is found on the front portion of the neck muscle which is responsible for the voice emission. It is situated above the windpipe and behind the esophagus. As Cancer is caused with the cells being infected at the Larynx part the cancer is named after it, initially the cancer is developed in the internal parts of the Larynx called glottis. The Larynx cancer cells spread from the infected areas to the other areas of the body first infecting tongue, throat, neck, lungs and other parts of the body. The growth of the extra mass that is found at this stage is called nodules or polyps. The Larynx Cancer is also known as the Throat cancer.

At present there are no proven records that predict the exact cause of the Larynx cancer, the causes of the Larynx Cancer as doctors believe that this is with respect to the factors Age, smoking, Alcohol, Gender, Genes and mainly with the people are on a low diet of vitamin A have many chances being infected. One who is infected with this can have the symptoms like loss of weight, longtime cough, throat infection, Change in the voice not being clear, neck problems, breathing foul smell etc. The cancer can only be diagnosed by the doctor and can provide the report only after inspection.

To diagnose this sort of problem the doctor has to examine the patient physically, with the help of Laryngoscope, the doctor can check the infected portion first indirectly with the help of small mirror and later confirming with the direct method by passing on a small tube through the patients nose or mouth and checking the infected areas on the TV monitor and also with the results of CT scan. Once the tests are done the doctor suggests for the treatment or he will guide us to a specialist. After doing the diagnosis the treatment can be a surgery, Radiation therapy, chemotherapy.

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