What is Endocrine Cancer?

Endocrine is the system which directly relates to the secretion of the hormones directly in to the blood. The glands that are involved with the Endocrine system are spread all over the human body structure are the pituitary gland, pancreas, ovaries, testis, thyroid gland and adrenal glands. Hormones make the chemical reactions to take place in the human body from head to toe in the process of growth and development, digestion, blood circulation, reproduction and sexual functions. The cancer that occurs in any part of the endocrine is known as the endocrine cancer.

Till date its been  a mystery that the cause of the cancer in the cells cannot be determined and many doctors are working on this to find out why one person is infected and other who has all the exact features is not affected. No one can predict the type of cancer in the earlier stages with the infection of the cancer in the hormonal glands on the Endocrine system as there are many cancer types like pancreas cancer, thyroid cancer, diabetes etc. The areas that were affected by this type of cancer are stomach, kidneys, reproductive system, Immune system, thyroid glands.

The most commonly found type of endocrine caner is the Thyroid cancer. Most of the found cases for the Endocrine cancer states that the main cause of this is with the Age, exposure to radiation, Hereditary and also with low Iodine diet content. The thyroid cancer can be found by locating a swelling in the neck portion, difficulty in speaking, swallowing and pain in the throat area. Initially the physical diagnosis is done by the doctor and with the blood test to check the levels of the hormones released by the thyroid glands. Based on the reports of the physical examination and the Blood test the doctor suggests for the ultra sound scanning, radio nuclide scanning and biopsy, through which the damaged cells are removed and this is the only way to find whether the cells are damaged are not.

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