What is Colon Cancer?

In the human digestive system Colon is a part where the waste material of the digested material is stored. Colon is the part of the large intestine which is connected to the rectum and anus. When the cells in the large intestine are infected and with the cancer cells there are tumors called polyps formed on colon and in the inner walls of the large intestine. With the formation of the polyps this infection is called as Colorectal Cancer and also called as the Colon Cancer or Rectum Cancer. This is the most common cancer found in men and women in many parts of the world.

The main reason for the colorectal cancer is due to the intake of the high fat diets, on a hereditary basis and the presence of polyps in the colon or in the large intestine. It is statistically proven that in the most of the countries where there is high in take of fats there the number of cases of Colorectal cancer are more. One can detect the presence of the Colon cancer with presence of the symptoms like presence of blood in the stool, as the rectum and anus passage becomes narrow and discomfort of the stomach irrespective of the diet taken.

Doctors throughout the world believe that some types of the colon cancers can be cured by removing the polyps. Initially this cancer type cannot be diagnosed as the age passes on 50 each and every person who has high intake of fatty diet can go on for the diagnosis with the symptoms. Colonoscopy is one of the tests available with the doctors to diagnose the cancer related to colon cancer. The treatments for colorectal cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a combination of both the radiation therapy and the chemotherapy. Of all these surgery is the most common treatment that is suggested by the doctors as they will remove the affected area from the large intestine and will reform it once the surgery is done.

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