What is Cervical Cancer?

Cervix is the important reproductive organ of woman, which exists in the lower and the narrow part of the female organ Uterus also called as womb. The main cause of cancer is with the cells that build up the human structure. The cycle of human structure is in the way that for every periodic time old cells in the human body dies and new cells are raised. If the new cells production is excess in the human body then they create an extra mass structure in the human body.

The type of cancer that gets infected from the cells on the Cervix is known as Cervical Cancer. Once the cells at the Cervix level are infected these infected cells spreads gradually from Cervix affecting the nearby cells and enters into the blood vessels and slowly spread to the all other parts of the body. The cancer cells have the tendency to spread and from more and more cells in a rapid way and form may tumors in the body. The rapid increase of the cancer in the human body is known as Metastasis. Cervical cancer in the early stages cannot be detected, but when the caner is in the larger stage women can conclude by abnormal bleeding, Pain during Menstrual periods and Pain when participated in sex etc.

Based on the extent of the infection and the areas of the infection found the Cervical Cancer can be diagnosed in many ways and is divided in to different stages. Women suffering with the Cervical Cancer can get this reduced by getting done the PAP tests, the test that is used to identify the infected cells in Cervix on regular basis. Depending on the PAP test results the doctors will go on with some other tests for diagnosing the situation. If the spread of cancer of this type is vast then the patient can go up with different types of treatment like radiation therapy, chemo therapy and also with surgery.

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