What is Breast Cancer?

One of the dreadful diseases that one out of eight women suffers through out the world is the Breast cancer. With the infection of the Breast Cancer many women fear the decrease in their glamour, undergoing surgery and death. Nothing has been officially declared that the cause of the cancers and if the Breast cancer is in advanced stage then there is nothing the doctors can do.

Breast is formed by the collection of glands called ducts and lobes along with the blood cells and the lymph cells, which are responsible for generating the milk. Like all cancers the Breast cancers occurs with the shortfall of the deoxyribonucleic acid in the cells.

The main symptoms of Breast cancer are: Outer Layer becoming hard on the breast, continuous flow of fluids from the Breast, Burning sensation inside the breast, Change of color of the skin, shape and size of the breast, presence of tumors in the arm pit. Age is the most important factor for the Breast cancer to develop in women, secondly it is a hereditary, and if a family member is infected with the breast cancer twice in their life time there are certain chances to get affected.

Screening is the best process that is useful in tracing the breast cancer. Doctors find it easy by the commonly used tests: Mammogram, a typical test they takes the X-ray of the breast to locate the tumors in the breast and the other is the physically examining the Breast of the infected called as the CBE (Clinical Breast Examination) done by the authorized doctor. Other than these tests one can go with the doctor’s suggestion to get the MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) and the Tissue sampling test. In the process of providing the treatment for the people infected with Breast cancer may consist of Therapy using Radiation, Lumpectomy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

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