What are Types of Bengin Liver Tumor?

Liver cancer is result of two basic forms of cells such as one in cancerous cells and other is non-cancerous cells. Tumors are cancerous cells and benign is non cancerous cells. When the liver cancer is started due to cancerous cells then it must be treated before it is too late. But when the reason of liver cancer is benign then it may or may not require proper treatment. There are different types of benign tumors of liver such as Hemangiom, Hepatic adenoma, Focal nodular hyperplasia, Cysts , Lipoma , Fibroma and Leiomyoma.

Hemangiomas are the most common types of benign tumors of liver; these tumors grow in the blood vessels of liver organ. Usually there is no prominent symptoms of Hemangiomas found .The treatment of liver benign tumors is the removal of tumors from the vessels. Sometimes the tumors are bleeding from the liver so there is no requirement of treatment

Hepatic adenomas are the benign epithelial liver tumors that are started in the right hepatic lobe of liver and then spread to some other organ. One of the Symptoms of this type of liver tumor is severe abdominal pain .The prognosis for the hepatic adenomas is not perfect. Malignant transformation, spontaneous hemorrhage, and rupture are some correlation found in case of this type of benign tumor of liver.

Focal Nodular hyperplasia FNH is very common type of liver tumor benign. The reason behind FNH is a congenital arteriovenous malformation hepatocytes response. Actually in this form of benign tumor starts because of abnormal pattern of essential constituents of liver. The abnormal presence of constituent of liver will not disturb or affect the proper functioning of liver in any case.

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