What is Anal Cancer?

The anal cancer is a disease which is malevolent cancer cells emerging in the tissues of anus. Anus is at the bottom of the large intestine which is below the rectum through which an individual passes the solid waste which is also known as stool.

The anus is formed partially from the outer layered membrane of the body and relatively from the intestine. There are two ring-like muscles which are called the sphincter muscles, they open and close the anal opening to allow the stool waste pass out of the human body. The anal canal is part of the anus, which is between the anal opening and the rectum; it is about 1 and half inches long.

The skin around the exterior of the anus is known as the perinatal spot. The Tumors occurring in this spot are known as skin tumors not anal cancer.

The signs and symptoms of anal cancer are; if a person is being affected with the HPV (the human papilloma virus) has a higher risk of developing the anal cancer. The other risk factors are; being over the age of 50 years, smokers, having abnormal anal openings which are also known as anal fistulas, having anal sex which is high receptive anal intercourse.

There are some other symptoms and signs which may be caused because of anal cancer. Some other conditions may cause the same symptoms which are; frequent soreness, redness and swelling, change in the bowel habits, bleeding from the rectum or the anus, lump near the anus, pressure or pain around and in the area near anus, discharge or itching from the anus.

If a person faces such symptoms, he or she needs to immediately consult the doctor to get the complete and correct treatment and medication.

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